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Gas Fridge Regulators / Hoses

Economy Model Automatic Changeover LPG Regulator for portable or smaller propane gas refrigerators.

# GR9984

Economy Automatic Changeover LPG Regulator feeds from two propane cylinders and automatically switches to the full tank when current tank runs empty. Flag in window changes from green to red... more details



Flex hookup line for Gas Refrigerators and Freezers

# 0405048

Appliance Flex line for connecting Gas Refrigerators with 3/8" Female Flare Fittings. Epoxy Coated Stainless Steel 48" long.... more details



Heavy Duty Automatic Changeover LPG Regulator perfect for Propane Refrigerators

# LV404B34

Heavy Duty Automatic Changeover LPG Regulator connects to two propane tanks and automatically changes from empty to full unit without service interruption. The unit will Red FLAG the empty tank... more details



Propane Regulator and 10' Hose kit for connecting LP Tank to a propane refrigerator

# 63-5116

Regulator and 10' Hose Kit for connecting single appliances to a single propane cylinder. High grade USA made regulator preset to the correct gas pressure with a 10 foot long... more details



Propane Regulator and 5' Hose kit for connecting to gas fridges.

# 63-5114

LPG Hose and Regulator Kit for supply of a single appliance from a single cylinder. Regulate a propane system to the correct pressure. High quality regulator connects direct to tank... more details



Rubber 24

# RP-24

Rubber Pig Tail connects tank to regulator. Flexible rubber to make handling easier. POL Connector with 1/4" inverted flare ends. Perfect for use with the Heavy Duty Automatic Changeover Regulator... more details



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