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Featuring EZ Freeze Gas Refrigerators in all sizes and colors from 10 Cubic Feet up to 21 Cubic Feet

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Propane refrigerators for Remote Cabins,Vacation Homes, Hunting Camps, & Off Grid Living

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Perfect for Remote Cabins, Vacation Homes, Hunting Camps, & Off Grid Living

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Off-Grid Refrigerators - Gas Powered by Propane or Natural Gas. Completely Non-Electric

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We sell quality natural gas and propane refrigerators by EZ Freeze

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The highest quality and best track record in the industry. Made by the Amish in the USA.

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Welcome to the premier site for gas refrigerators powered by propane or natural gas featuring the industry leading EZ Freeze brand gas fridge. An EZ Freeze Refrigerator is completely non-electric requiring only propane or natural gas to cool and freeze food goods. Click here to find a full list of gas fridge sizes and features.

Why buy gas refrigerators fom us:

All units purchased through include the free Upgraded Cooling Unit Warranty. Enjoy piece of mind with the 7 year warranty on the Cooling Unit along with a 3 year warranty on the entire unit. This is the best warranty in the business.

A “Service and Maintenance” DVD is also included free of charge with your purchase. The DVD features, Maintenance, Service, Troubleshooting, and Set-up tricks and tips. will ship direct to a residence, business, or freight terminal of your choice. Use the Shipping Page to find the shipping route and rate that best suits your needs or simply let us do the leg work for you.

Learn more about absorption refrigeration and how gas refrigerators work.Why use absorption refrigeration: 

LP refrigerators are perfect for off grid living in vacation homes or hunting camps. Small enough for remote cabins yet large enough for an entire ranch family. Other uses include natural disaster preparedness such as hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, or storms that create power outages. Rural living can be as comfortable as living down town with an EZ Freeze.

All EZ Freeze Propane Refrigerators do not have EMF emissions and are silent operating due to the non electric and simple design using no continuous moving parts. The quiet operation of the EZ Freeze Refrigerator will add enjoyment to any peaceful vacation environment. Simply supply the unit with propane or natural gas. No electricity needed.

The absorption unit is a completely sealed system and powered only by the heat of the flame and gravity directing the flow of the coolant through the freezer and then refrigerator compartment. Click here to learn more about how Absorption Refrigeration works.


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