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Absorption Refrigeration and LP Gas Refrigerator Informative Articles

As experts in the Absorption Refrigeration field, we will be posting helpful information, history, and articles about LP Gas Refrigerators to help educate the world on this subject and related subjects. Please subscribe to this blog and keep yourself up to date on setup and maintenance of your gas fridge, and some tips and tricks for your natural gas refrigerator or propane refrigerator.

EZ Freeze 19 cubic foot stainless steel propane refrigerator

EZ-Freeze Propane Refrigerator VS Unique Propane Refrigerators

There is good reason to ask yourself, “Why should I buy an EZ-Freeze and not a Unique propane refrigerator?”  A propane refrigerator is a big investment and one you want... read more

Benefits of choosing a freezerless refrigerator

Gas Fridge recommends the EZ Freeze gas refrigerator for your home.Have you ever gone to the grocery store and come back with more than what fits in your refrigerator? Or,... read more

What gas refrigerators are and the fuels they use

When you hear the term “gas-powered refrigerator,” it is just that, a refrigerator that is cooled using either natural gas or propane rather than electricity. Refrigerators that are powered by... read more

advantages of using liquid propane gas

To understand the advantages of using liquid propane gas, it’s important to understand what it is. Gas Fridge, experts in the absorption refrigeration field, would like to explain not only... read more

Benefits of Using Propane in Your Home

Did you know that propane is a safe, efficient, and reliable alternative to electricity for many appliances? Many use propane to go off the grid, while others have propane in... read more

Propane appliances for those living off-grid

"Propane appliances are for off-grid living," says Gas-Fridge. Many dream of living off grid. No more connection to the big power companies. Control your energy use as you see fit.... read more

Gas Refrigerator Connection Options

A Propane Refrigerator uses Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) from a stored container called a tank or a cylinder which is regulated with a pressure regulator mounted at the tank and... read more

The largest and best selection of propane refrigerators in the USA!

Buying or finding professional service on your propane appliances is easy when you know who to call. Gas-Fridge and Dynamx has the largest propane refrigeration selection in the United States.... read more

The advantages of a propane or natural gas refrigerator

When it comes to common household appliances, we have many choices in today’s market.  Most of us chose an electric refrigerator because it is what we have always known, but... read more

Gas Freezers vs Solar Freezers

There are two types of freezers, gas powered or DC powered. Which is more cost-effective, a Propane Gas Freezer or a DC Electric Freezer? This all depends on the power source;... read more

What is an Absorption Refrigerator?

What exactly is an Absorption Refrigerator? In an Absorption Refrigerator, the unit refrigerates itself by moving the hot air inside to the outside of the fridge. This process uses a... read more

Functions of a Propane Refrigerator

Gas and propane refrigerators are available in different sizes, designs, and features. These are the basics in how a gas refrigerator functions. The mixture in the cooling system of a propane... read more

Repairing Propane Gas Refrigerators

A propane refrigerator can have the same issues as a conventional refrigerator. It can have continuous problems after some age has set in. You may think that there isn’t any service after... read more

Who needs a gas fridge? Basic information to know before a purchase

A gas-powered refrigerator is a household, RV, or commercial refrigerator operating from a gas source in order to create cooling. Usually, propane is used since it is portable and relatively easy to... read more

Services and Repairs To RV Refrigerators

A non-functioning refrigerator in a recreational vehicle can be problematic. When the refrigerator is down, the RV becomes useless by limiting the ability to travel away from civilization and be... read more

Why You Need a Propane Refrigerator

Gas-Fridge is the leader in propane refrigerators and your expert in knowing which unit best suits the purpose. Gas-Fridge will help you select a propane refrigerator that is perfect for... read more

I Found Bad Advice on the Internet About Gas Refrigerators... Help!

The founders and employees of Dynamx, Inc. have all enjoyed the off-grid lifestyle for over 25 years. Gas-Fridge understands the systems and usage of the propane appliances they sell, and... read more

Propane Refrigerator Transporting and Storage

Congratulations! Either you bought a new home, or you just purchased a brand new propane refrigerator. Your baby, whether it's brand new, or you're re-locating, transporting the unit is not... read more

The benefits of using a Propane Refrigerator

So you're thinking of buying that dream property that has acres and acres of space for you to play on.  No neighbors, noise or traffic to worry about.  You can... read more

Tips on how to set up your new Gas Refrigerator

Congratulations on your new gas refrigerator!  Now is it time to set it up correctly.  Gas-Fridge is here to help and has some tips for you to follow.1.    Gas pressure... read more

The Natural Gas Refrigerator

Do you have a natural gas well on your property? Is electricity overly expensive? Are you tired of the annoying noise the compressor and fan on your electric refrigerator produces?... read more

Gas Fridge Replacement Parts: What you should have in case of an emergency

Gas refrigerators are designed to operate without electricity. For this reason, they are perfect for off grid living, therefore most of the propane refrigerators that we sell end up in... read more

Air Circulation & Venting for Absorption Refrigeration

Do you have the right venting for your absorption system? Inadequate ventilation can cause not only performance problems, but long term permanent damage may occur. In order to allow for proper... read more
How to winterize your gas refrigerator

Winterize Your Gas Refrigerator

We often get asked by our customers the question of “How to winterize my propane refrigerator?” Since most people understand that a propane fridge absorption system contains water as part... read more
Gas Fridge Repair 101 - Burping your LP Gas Refrigerator

"Burping" Your Propane Refrigerator

Over the years, we have heard many different reasons for “burping” a propane refrigerator. Some believe it to be the cure for all problems of a propane refrigerator.  The reason behind... read more

Propane refrigerators. Non-Electric. Gas Only!

EZ Freeze gas refrigerators are completely non-electric in operation and use either propane gas or natural gas to freeze and refrigerate foods. With the exception of the of the LED interior... read more
Gas Refrigerator Absorption System

Gas Refrigerator Absorption System

We have put together a simple comprehensive explanation of how a gas powered absorption refrigerator works. First let’s understand what the name Absorption Refrigerator means. The Absorption System or more... read more
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