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Air Circulation & Venting for Absorption Refrigeration

Do you have the right venting for your absorption system? Inadequate ventilation can cause not only performance problems, but long term permanent damage may occur.

In order to allow for proper air circulation and allow the absorption unit to breathe, there are only a few rules to follow when designing the gas refrigerator space. In most cases, fans or special ducting is not needed. Allowing for ample clearance around the unit is usually enough to allow proper air circulation.

One of the most common questions is “What are the clearance minimums for a propane refrigerator?”  Although there is not one answer for this question due to the variety of environments and usage cycles for any given family.

We highly recommend “testing” the ventilation prior to using it long term. The testing process is simple. Operate the fridge in an open space near the final destination. Record the fridge and freezer interior temperatures as well as exterior ambient room temperatures for a period of a week at normal operating usage. Then install the fridge into the final space and proceed to measure the temperatures for the next week. Compare these temperatures to determine if the final destination space has adequate ventilation and air circulation. If interior temperatures stay the same and no thermostat adjustment is needed, then the final space is good. If not, then more air movement is needed.

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