11 Cu Ft Gas Refrigerator

The EZ Freeze 11 Cubic Foot Gas LP Refrigerator is perfect for secondary home such as a vacation home, hunting camp, cottage, remote cabin, and ranch bunkhouse. At only 23-5/8” wide and 29 ½” deep, the EZ Freeze EZ-11 will fit in any kitchen area. Small enough size for transport to difficult locations such as lake houses, islands, look-out towers, and fish camps. Transport by boat, sled, trailer, plane, or helicopter. Comparable to the old Servel Gas Fridges in capacity but only half the size and weight.

Single person long term dwellings will benefit from the small size yet ample capacity. The fridge door includes three shelves to hold one gallon jug, bottles and cans. The fridge interior includes two adjustable glass shelves and one glass shelf above the large crisper drawer. The interior will easily hold four 1 gallon containers with room for plenty of other grocery goods. A full width vegetable and fruit crisper drawer is included. The glass shelves allow for easy cleaning and give smaller jars and bottles a stable base to keep them from tipping and spilling.

This LPG Gas Fridge is available in a glossy smooth White finish on all sides. European styling with radius door edge with no bulky handles. All the same great features as the larger models, but in a smaller compact size. The economy size yields very low gas usage which can be very beneficial at remote locations where gas must be hauled in.

LP Gas Refrigerators make perfect sense if your home is threatened by natural disasters and power grid failures. EZ Freeze refrigerators use no electricity and can be operated from small portable propane cylinders or high capacity permanent tanks. Chill down time for the EZ Freeze 11 is from between six and eight hours. This unit can be started at the time of a power outage and be ready for food transfer before food spoilage occurs. With the high cost of grocery goods, a Propane Gas Fridge can save hundreds of dollars during just one power outage.

The EZ Freeze EZ-11 is one of the most economical Propane Gas Refrigerators of it’s size range on the market today when you consider cost per cubic foot.