19 Cu Ft Refrigerator

Our most Popular Gas Refrigerator!

The EZ FReeze 19 cubic foot refrigerator is a full size gas fridge perfect for a family home kitchen. Available in four different colors, white, bisque, black, or brushed satin stainless steel finishes, these will compliment your other gas appliances beautifully. With a slight European flare, the rounded door edges give a stylish look and will nicely blend with other brand appliances in the kitchen.

EZ Freeze Refrigerators are designed with family in mind:

The 19 cubic foot capacity is a great fit for any typical family. The features of the EZ Freeze EZ-19 model gas refrigerator will provide plenty of space and organization for groceries and food goods. The reversible doors make it versatile enough to fit any kitchen design layout. The near zero clearance hinges allow the unit to stand next to a wall and still have plenty of access space to the interior. The magnetic incased double lip door seals keep the cold air in and the hot air out. The door seals also remove in seconds for easy cleaning.

Available in natural gas refrigerator and propane refrigerator models, our units are all shipped completely set-up and ready to use. Simply supply regulated gas to the unit and follow the simple lighting procedure and the fridge will be cooling within hours. The unit is as simple to light as a backyard gas type barbeque. Cooling will be continuous as long as gas is supplied to the unit. No electricity is needed or relighting is necessary during normal operation. No fan or compressor to make noise or break down. No electronics to fail and cause the unit to stop operating.

Performance will rival or surpass any other gas fridge for sale on the market.

EZ Freeze Refrigerators are made in the USA by the Amish and designed to be simple. Powered by a high quality LP gas fridge absorption refrigeration system, these units are capable of producing enough cooling in summer time conditions to keep your groceries fresh and frozen. Hot temperatures and humid climates pose no problem. An EZ Freeze Refrigerator is completely non-electric requiring only propane or natural gas to cool and freeze food goods.

All units purchased through Gas-Fridge.com include the free Upgraded Cooling Unit Warranty. Enjoy piece of mind with the 7 year warranty on the Cooling Unit along with a 3 year warranty on the entire unit. This is the best warranty in the business.