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Electric rates have gone up in some areas. Gas Fridge suggests you switch that spare refrigerator to a gas fridge

Save on electricity by switching your spare refrigerator to a gas refrigerator from Gas FridgeSave on electricity by switching your spare refrigerator to a gas refrigerator from Gas FridgeLiving on a budget? As home energy usage fluctuates during the extreme weather conditions of summer and winter, we sometimes adjust our comfort level to offset the cost of electricity. In some areas utility companies have raised rates making it more difficult to get a handle on energy costs. Gas Fridge offers a solution to help lower your electric bill: switch your spare refrigerator to a gas fridge.

A gas fridge:

  • Costs less to operate than an electric refrigerator
  • Has no continuous moving parts
  • Will operate even if the power goes out
  • Has no electronics to fail and cause the unit to stop operating
  • Can run on natural gas or propane
  • Is a clean energy appliance
  • Works well in hot or humid environments

If you have a spare refrigerator in the garage, you already appreciate having the extra capacity to stock up on frozen foods or to prepare for parties and family gatherings. Let Gas Fridge help you lower your energy costs by swapping out that electric refrigerator for a gas refrigerator. A gas fridge can also be a great backup in case of a power outage. If you have questions, call Gas Fridge at 928-636-6674 to learn more about sizes, styles and other options.


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