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Gas Fridge Replacement Parts: What you should have in case of an emergency

Gas Refrigerator Parts - parts to have on handGas refrigerators are designed to operate without electricity. For this reason, they are perfect for off grid living, therefore most of the propane refrigerators that we sell end up in remote locations. Within these remote off grid locations, surviving without the conveniences of the big city stores to acquire a replacement part 24/7 is not a possibility. The more experienced off grid survivalist will be prepared for failures. Even some of our customers that purchase a gas fridge just for vacation purposes will want to be prepared for something to go wrong.
Gas Refrigerator Thermocouple for Absorption Refrigeration

“What spare parts do I need in case something goes wrong with my Gas Refrigerator?”

We get this question from some of our customers and the answer is surprising. Only one part is prone to wear or degrade over time. That is the thermocouple. Since Gas Refrigerators don’t have moving parts, there is very little to go wrong or wear out. Of course there are some interior parts that can be abused and break, but this is subject to the user, not normal operating usage. Read more on Blogger...




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