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Propane refrigerators. Non-Electric. Gas Only!

EZ Freeze gas refrigerators are completely non-electric in operation and use either propane gas or natural gas to freeze and refrigerate foods. With the exception of the of the LED interior light, which does use 4 "D" cell type batteries for operation, the unit does not require electricity or any power source other than gas to both start-up and continuously refrigerate. Simply hook up the gas line to the gas source and light the flame. The fridge will be cooling within the first hour and be completely cooled down in about 8 to 12 hours depending on the size capacity of the unit.

The original development of the EZ Freeze brand was centered on supplying the Amish off-grid lifestyle, and eventually the largest gas powered refrigerator! From that point, their distribution has expanded to the non-Amish world and now is the most popular brand of propane refrigerators... read more on Blogger...




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