Advantages of using liquid propane gas

To understand the advantages of using liquid propane gas, it’s important to understand what it is. Gas Fridge, experts in the absorption refrigeration field, would like to explain not only what liquid propane is, but also the benefits of using liquid propane.

Liquid propane is similar to natural gas, but is a different chemical compound. Liquid propane, or LP gas, is normally a gaseous material, but when stored under pressure it becomes a liquid. Because it is easy to transport, propane use is very common in the camping world.

•Liquid propane has a higher heating value, which means it provides more heat for cooking or heating your home, using less fuel.
•LP gas does not contain sulphur, making it a cleaner energy source than oil.
•Liquid propane is non-toxic, not harmful to soil or water, and will not harm the environment if released into the atmosphere.
•LP gas burns more consistently, which makes it more dependable than other energy sources.
•Liquid propane is more environmentally friendly, releasing less carbon dioxide than other heating sources, like coal and oil.

If there is no access to natural gas sources or gas lines, liquid propane is a perfect solution. It can be easily transported and stored underground, which makes LP a great alternative fuel for people who live off the grid.

With the many benefits of propane as a fuel source, why not consider purchasing a gas refrigerator and taking advantage of clean-burning, environmentally-friendly propane in your home? To learn about EZ Freeze LP Refrigerators, or for more information about how a gas appliance could fit into your lifestyle, contact Gas Fridge today at 928-636-6674.