Benefits of choosing a freezerless refrigerator

Gas Fridge recommends the EZ Freeze gas refrigerator for your home.

Gas Fridge recommends the EZ Freeze gas refrigerator for your home.Have you ever gone to the grocery store and come back with more than what fits in your refrigerator? Or, in the summer months when you have lots of produce, do you have ample room in your refrigerator? Gas Fridge discusses the benefit of a refrigerator that has no freezer! Imagine that!

If you are okay with having a chest freezer and a freezerless refrigerator, this may be perfect for you. Some people don’t even need a freezer at all. This is ideal for those who like to eat fresh food only, or those that are satisfied with a chest freezer.

The greatest benefit is the extra space. There is not a lot of wasted space on walls between the freezer and refrigerator. That opens up the refrigerator to store a lot more than your current side-by-side. Which brings up another point: energy savings. Chances are you will be using less energy on a chest freezer and freezerless refrigerator than a refrigerator-freezer combination.

The downside is the lack of an ice dispenser. Other than that, there really is no other downside. If you are someone that would be interested in a freezerless freezer, chances are you already have a solution for freezing or you don’t need one at all.

How much $?
Just like standard refrigerators, there is a wide range of prices with freezerless refrigerators. They run anywhere between $600 and $3000. Also, remember to add in the extra cost if you do not already own a freezer, which would add another $100 to $600.

If a  freezerless refrigerator would fit the needs for your family by giving you more refrigerator space for fresh foods, consider a gas-powered freezerless refrigerator from Gas Fridge. To learn more about gas appliances, and the EZ Freeze gas refrigerator, contact Gas Fridge today at 928-636-6674.