Advantages of using liquid propane gas

To understand the advantages of using liquid propane gas, it’s important to understand what it is. Gas Fridge, experts in the absorption refrigeration field, would like to explain not only what liquid propane is, but also the benefits of using liquid propane. Liquid propane is similar to natural gas, but is a different chemical compound. … Read more

Air Circulation & Venting for Absorption Refrigeration

All propane refrigerators, whether they are the type in a recreational vehicle (RV) or the type made specifically for in home use, operate from the same process known as Absorption Refrigeration. The theory of this process is simple, absorb the warm air from interior of the refrigeration box and replace it to the exterior thus making … Read more

Benefits of choosing a freezerless refrigerator

Gas Fridge recommends the EZ Freeze gas refrigerator for your home.Have you ever gone to the grocery store and come back with more than what fits in your refrigerator? Or, in the summer months when you have lots of produce, do you have ample room in your refrigerator? Gas Fridge discusses the benefit of a … Read more

Benefits of Using Propane in Your Home

Did you know that propane is a safe, efficient, and reliable alternative to electricity for many appliances? Many use propane to go off the grid, while others have propane in addition to the standard electricity in their home. Propane is an affordable choice that’s ideal for families who want to minimize their carbon footprint and … Read more

“Burping” Your Propane Refrigerator

Over the years, we have heard many different reasons for “burping” a propane refrigerator. Some believe it to be the cure for all problems of a propane refrigerator. The reason behind the burping procedure is to move the liquid solution or coolant back to the correct location within the sealed cooling system.  The coolant will … Read more

Functions of a Propane Refrigerator

Gas and propane refrigerators are available in different sizes, designs, and features. These are the basics in how a gas refrigerator functions. The mixture in the cooling system of a propane refrigerator consists of anhydrous ammonia distilled water and hydrogen vapor. The ammonia and water are heated by a propane flame. The water vaporizes into steam … Read more

Gas Freezers vs Solar Freezers

There are two types of freezers, gas powered or DC powered. Which is more cost-effective, a Propane Gas Freezer or a DC Electric Freezer? This all depends on the power source; DC, propane gas, or natural gas. Gas Fridge will sort out the differences here. If solar energy, wind energy, or hydro energy is available, then … Read more

Gas Fridge Replacement Parts: What you should have in case of an emergency

Gas refrigerators are designed to operate without electricity. For this reason, they are perfect for off grid living, therefore most of the propane refrigerators that we sell end up in remote locations. Within these remote off grid locations, surviving without the conveniences of the big city stores to acquire a replacement part 24/7 is not … Read more

Gas Refrigerator Absorption System

We have put together a simple comprehensive explanation of how a gas powered absorption refrigerator works. First let’s understand what the name Absorption Refrigerator means. The Absorption System or more commonly referred to as the Cooling Unit is a completely sealed system consisting of a maze of steel pipes usually located at the rear of the refrigerator box. The … Read more

Gas Refrigerator Connection Options

A Propane Refrigerator uses Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) from a stored container called a tank or a cylinder which is regulated with a pressure regulator mounted at the tank and then plumbed to the point of use. These three components (tank, regulator, & plumbing) are all that is needed to get a propane gas refrigerator … Read more