Gas Freezers vs Solar Freezers

Gas Fridge sells DC Electric Freezers and Propane Gas Freezers.

There are two types of freezers, gas powered or DC powered. Which is more cost-effective, a Propane Gas Freezer or a DC Electric Freezer? This all depends on the power source; DC, propane gas, or natural gas. Gas Fridge will sort out the differences here.

If solar energy, wind energy, or hydro energy is available, then the DC electric freezer operating cost will be low. However, the freezer must have power available at all times to keep the food storage at good freezing temperatures. When electrical sources become unavailable (the sun sets, or the wind stops blowing), freezers will require a battery bank for power storage. With hydropower, batteries may not be needed. Solar power, however, is not free. Solar power requires battery back-up and batteries wear out and must be replaced.

Gas Freezers can operate from stored LPG (Propane) gas or Natural Gas (a constant source of power). n some cases, a natural gas well is available on the property site and a natural gas freezer would be ideal. An un-metered well means the free power to the natural gas freezer. Propane gas is also supplied either by truck to a permanent tank on the property or smaller portable tanks that can be transported and filled at a filling site.


DC / Electric: Recovery time (time it takes for temperatures to come down or recover to the thermostat set temperature) when adding non-frozen foods – 2 hours

Retrieving a few frozen items: recovery time – a few minutes

It’s portable if it’s operated with batteries or small solar cell.

Weight – 80 pounds lighter.

Gas / Absorption:
 Recovery time – when adding non-frozen foods recovery time – 8 hours

Retrieving a few frozen items: recovery time – a few minutes

It’s portable, mainly because of the power source (propane) being stored in tanks.

Weight – 80 pounds heavier because of the absorption system

Chest Style:
 The lid opening is at the top and cold air falls so less cold air escapes.

Upright Style: These are open for less time since the goods are staring you in the face and are more accessible than the buried goods in the chest style. If the freezer is full of food then there is less air to fall out when the door is opened.

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