Functions of a Propane Refrigerator

Gas and propane refrigerators are available in different sizes, designs, and features. These are the basics in how a gas refrigerator functions. The mixture in the cooling system of a propane refrigerator consists of anhydrous ammonia distilled water and hydrogen vapor.

The ammonia and water are heated by a propane flame. The water vaporizes into steam through the perk tube. This process is similar to a coffee percolator. The inner tube (perk tube) in the boiler emits steam and water bubbles moving upward. The ammonia is lighter than water and it will turn into steam sooner. The ammonia steam is pushed up into a condenser by the hydrogen pressure while the water falls down into the outer tube and is pushed into the absorber tubes which then returns to the mixing tank known as the absorber tank.

While the ammonia steam moves upward through the rectifier and into the condenser tubes it becomes rich ammonia liquid. The rich ammonia liquid is pushed into the evaporator tubing. It is then pushed into the top of the evaporator tubing. After it is in the evaporator it meets the hydrogen gas moving up through the tube inside the evaporator. This hydrogen gas absorbs the rich ammonia. When the ammonia meets this hydrogen gas in the evaporator it creates a chemical reaction. This reaction evaporates the ammonia while making it extremely cold. This is what is known as heat absorption, removing the heat from the refrigerator box.

In the meantime, the water is pushed back to the absorber coils and drops down to the absorber tank. While this is happening, the hydrogen gas passes upward through the absorber coils and catches any ammonia left in the weak water that is falling downward. Next, the hydrogen gas carries it up to the top of the evaporation system and drops it into the outer tube of the evaporator. It then flows downward in a mist causing it to become extremely cold. As it falls down, the rich ammonia returns to the absorber tank [mixing tank] and mixes with the weak water which allows it to continue with its cycle all over again.

An ammonia absorption cooling system is a unique design invented so that a person can operate independently, or live off the grid by using a propane, natural gas, or butane burner to heat the ammonia solution. If you are ready to invest in a durable propane refrigerator, then look no further. Gas-Fridge is ready to answer your questions. Call 928-636-6674.