Benefits of a Propane Refrigerator During a Natural Disaster

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Earthquakes, hurricanes and other catastrophic events generally mean a loss of electric power to the affected community. Gas Fridge explains the importance of having a propane refrigerator to get you and your family through a natural disaster.

No electricity needed. Did you know that a propane refrigerator does not need electricity to operate? During natural disasters, electric power is often lost for long periods of time, sometimes several days. During those power outages, a refrigerator that doesn’t run on electricity means you won’t have to worry about food spoilage or harm to medications that need refrigeration. Being able to keep food and medications stored at the right temperature can prevent health risks while waiting for electric power to be restored.

Available fuel. Propane fuel is highly portable and can be purchased for emergency use. Generally, there is no shortage of propane during hurricanes. The availability of propane makes it ideal to have propane-fueled appliances for your emergency preparedness plan.

Dependable operation. Propane-fueled refrigerators have been in use for a number of years, and are known to be very dependable. They are widely used in recreational vehicles, cabins and off-grid locations. Since they have fewer moving parts, gas refrigerators are quiet and less likely to require replacement of worn-out parts.

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