Comparing Gas vs Electric Appliances

For all of your gas appliance needs contact Gas-Fridge, one of the nations largest suppliers of gas appliances.

For all of your gas appliance needs contact Gas-Fridge, one of the nations largest suppliers of gas appliances.There has been an ongoing debate about whether a gas refrigerator or an electric refrigerator is the best choice. Today, most homes have electricity so homeowners figure an electric refrigerator is their only choice. Gas-Fridge knows that off grid homeowners often do not have steady electrical power so a gas refrigerator is a smart choice.

Generally speaking, gas is more efficient than electricity for generating heat. Because of this, gas powered refrigerators are far more efficient than those fueled by electricity, but are considerably more expensive to purchase. However, they also tend to last longer because of their simplistic design and efficient system with few operating parts.

Here are a few things to consider when comparing gas and electric refrigerators:

  • Cost – The operating costs of electric vs. gas appliances is going to vary based on location. Overall numbers indicated that gas as a source of power had a slight edge, especially with the ever increasing electrical rates in most areas. Electricity will only save money over gas if there is no nearby source of natural gas or if propane delivery service is difficult.
  • Dangers – There are risks with both types of energy. Gas is highly combustible, particularly propane gas, and gas leaks can also poison the air. Electric appliances require very high voltages that can cause fires and shocks. Electricity is also extremely dangerous near water, such as near kitchen sinks or in laundry rooms.
  • Availability – While most of the big box stores carry primarily electric refrigerators, at Gas-Fridge we offer a wide range of model choices in gas refrigeration. We are the premier site for gas refrigerators powered by propane or natural gas featuring the industry leading EZ Freeze brand gas fridge.

Next time you are considering a new refrigerator make sure you consider the benefits of gas appliances. At Gas-Fridge we have experts who can help answer all of your questions about the differences between electric and gas appliances. Just give us a call at 928-636-6674.