Gas Fridge Don’ts

Gas Fridge wants you to be aware of what not to do or gas fridge don'ts

Gas Fridge brings you a list of things to keep in mind with your gas fridge, things not to do or gas fridge don’ts. It is good to educate yourself on the don’ts of a gas fridge, so here they are.

DON’T install a gas appliance of any kind in an air-tight area or a room used for sleeping. Since gas appliances use oxygen when the burner is in operation, this is very important. The main concern with a propane-fired gas fridge is that it could use all the oxygen in a room. Having a fresh air flow will keep this from happening. 

DON’T allow the burner or flue to be obstructed. If the refrigerator has not been in recent use, the gas burner or flue above can be blocked by dust, dirt, carbon buildup, etc. If your refrigerator is partially plugged it can produce substantial amounts of carbon monoxide.

DON’T ignore your gas refrigerator if it is not working or cooling properly. Make sure to have it looked at by a professional service technician if you cannot seem to properly troubleshoot the problem. Also when it comes to installation, make sure it is done properly by someone who can test for gas leaks.

DON’T install a gas refrigerator that is meant for a residential space into a vehicle.

DON’T install in a tight space, always allow for the right amount of clearance.

DON’T place on a slope. It is important for your refrigerator to be level.

DON’T run electrical and gas power thermostats at the same time.

DON’T try to cool an empty gas fridge. It just does not work. This is also true with your home refrigerators and freezers. It just cools more effectively when the compartments are full.

DON’T expect your gas freezer to freeze large quantities of food from a thawed state. It is best to place already frozen food into your freezer.

This list is not intended to replace your user’s manual, but just some quick tips to keep in mind. It is important to make sure to understand the do’s and don’ts thoroughly when owning a gas refrigerator.

If you’ve made the decision to purchase a gas refrigerator, or if you would like to know more about them, contact Gas-Fridge, one of the premier dealers for gas refrigerators powered by propane or natural gas by EZ Freeze, at 928-636-6674 to speak to one of our experts.