Gas refrigerators are a great option for almost any home

Gas Refrigerators are a great option for almost any home

Whether you are from the snowy mountains of the Yukon or the deserts of Arizona, or a place with expensive electricity costs, refrigeration is a necessary but potentially difficult (and costly) task. You need to keep your food cold, but generators and solar panels can cost thousands of Gas Refrigerators are a great option for almost any homedollars and are reliant on daylight and gasoline respectively. Don’t you wish there was a better alternative? Well… There is one! Gas Fridge, one of the largest Gas Refrigerator distributors in all of the United States, is here to tell you about how a Propane or LP gas fridge can help you in your food refrigeration woes.

Gas Refrigerators are used by many full-time homeowners as well as those who own off-the-grid properties, like hunting cabins or weekend getaways, or any other type of faraway place. Plus, with electricity prices rising in some areas of the United States, it’s becoming more and more convenient to use alternative energy sources like solar panels. That alone is a great reason why a gas fridge could be perfect for someone who lives in the suburb as well as someone who lives in the wilderness. By getting a refrigerator that runs on LP gas, you can actually circumvent high power bills, as an average propane refrigerator costs less that 75 cents per day to run. That’s only $275 per year! Plus, no matter where you are, a propane refrigerator can meet the needs of nearly any individual, regardless of where his or her home is located.

As for off-the- grid customers or those in a similar area where electricity can be hard to access, gas refrigerators are a wonderful option for ease and cost. We have personally heard stories of how the logistics of getting gas to a remote site makes for an interesting journey; one particular story is how a man got tired of cutting and transporting large ice cubes from a glacier to an icebox using an ATV. Imagine the difference this individual experience when this individual no longer had to ride 25 miles out of his way to get “fuel” for his refrigerator. No matter who you are or what your means are, transporting a propane container (or multiple) can be easy and more affordable than an electric equivalent. Whether by car, boat, ATV or helicopter, propane is light, clean burning, and efficient.

The amount of propane storage can greatly vary from 5 gallons to almost 500 gallons propane storage for more permanent or year-round locations. The possibilities and options with propane are endless. Plus, if you live in the wilderness to get away from all the noise of the city, you’ll be happy to know that propane refrigerators are entirely silent — with only the sound of a small propane flame backing the powerful refrigerator. Compare the amount of sound a propane refrigerator makes to that of a gas burner on a stove — only audible from less than 5 feet away. The final kicker is that if you are lucky enough to have a natural gas well on your property, you can refrigerate for free. What a deal!

From the cost saving benefits, to the ease of transportation and use, and the many different shapes, sizes, and styles that they come in, there isn’t really a reason to not get a gas refrigerator. Call Gas Fridge today to learn more about how a gas refrigerator can help you with your food refrigeration needs. You can be reach us at 928-636- 6674.