How ‘green’ is propane?

Gas-Fridge explains propane clean energy

If you are looking for a fuel that will provide not only immediate heat, but also steady, clean, efficient heat at an affordable price, look no further than propane. It is considered a “green” energy source, and propane can help homeowners cut emissions and protect the environment, all while enjoying a substantial savings over other fuel sources. For those of you dedicated to protecting and preserving our environment, Gas-Fridge is glad to let you know that propane is the clear choice for a number of reasons.

Here are some facts that you might not know about propane:

  • Propane is a significant part of the government and industry’s investment in technology.
  • Clean-burning propane heats homes, dries clothes, keeps your food cold, powers equipment, and is used as fuel for vehicles.
  • Propane is called autogas when it is used as a vehicle fuel.
  • Builders and contractors install propane appliances in their new energy efficient homes which saves buyers money, and also provides tax incentives.
  • Switching to propane and reducing your electricity usage can make a powerful difference for our environment and lower your monthly utility bill.
  • Propane gives off less than half as many greenhouse gas emissions as using an equivalent amount of electricity generated from the U.S. grid.

Propane is one of the cleanest-burning fossil fuels and leaves us with more breathable air. From production to output, propane is better on the environment. We highly recommend it to our clients for its energy efficiency, in addition to the fact that you still have power during difficult weather conditions in winter.

So for true green efficiency, consider propane as your fuel of choice. Not only does it keep our air cleaner, it is also safer in case of a spill since it is a gas, not a liquid that can soak into the ground and potentially contaminate the groundwater like gasoline or fuel oil can. For information on propane refrigerators, contact the experts in the field, Gas Fridge at 928-636-6674