How to keep your RV refrigerator running great

Gas Fridge shares how to keep your RV refrigerator running great

RV fridges can be great or a pain in the RV. You will find that RVers either hate them or love them or somewhere in between. Gas Fridge wants to help you get the most out of your RV Refrigerator and keep it running great over the lifetime of the fridge.

The reason RV refrigerators are such a mystery is because they use a different cooling system than your household refrigerator. They use gas absorption, which involves heating ammonia to cool the fridge. You use either propane or an electric heating unit to heat the ammonia. So, it can be seen as more simple, as there are no moving parts to the RV Refrigerator.

When they work, they work great. The best advice is to make sure it is working beautifully prior to hitting the road. Here are some tips to help you with your RV Refrigerator and getting the most out of it:

Leave some empty space.  Not packing it too full will help, as they seem to work better when there is room for air to circulate. Even using a battery operated fan, may help, as well.

Keep it level. Remember, this refrigerator has gas and ammonia working together. Keeping it level is important.  When you park, make sure not to park on an incline. Driving up and down hills is okay, because the gas inside sloshes around.

Keep food and drinks cool before packing the fridge. Help it out by putting in cool stuff, as it may take a while for the refrigerator to get to the proper temperature.

The outside temperature matters. These refrigerators react to the outside temperature. So, if it is hot, you may try parking in the shade. If it is cold out, you may need to adjust the temperature on the fridge.

These are just some basic tips to help you keep that RV refrigerator operating at its best.  If you still have some questions or would like to discuss further please don’t hesitate to call Gas Fridge at 928-636-6674.