Is Defrosting My Propane Refrigerator Normal?

Defrosting a propane refrigerator is a necessary task but generally is quick and easy and only has to be done a few times a year.  The amount of defrosting your propane refrigerator is going to require depends on a hand full of factors.  First and foremost, climates play a huge factor.  In a more humid climate with lots of precipitation you may be required to defrost more than other dryer climates.   I always think anyone who purchases a new propane refrigerator should check the seal regularly to make sure the fridge is keeping out any moisture that might cause the fins on the back of the refrigerator to ice up faster than usual. 

Another cause of frequent frosting on a propane or natural gas refrigerator is moisture inside the fridge that has not been sealed properly.  Ice Tea, Lemonade, Fruits and vegetables can cause faster ice buildup.  The best way to ensure your propane refrigerator doesn’t ice up fast is to keep these items sealed in a container or sealed baggy to lock in any moisture.  The other cause for frequent defrosting has to do with something we mentioned earlier.  Sometimes propane refrigerators can develop a loos or deformed gasket on the door which won’t allow for a good seal between the refrigerator box and door.  This of course will allow for outside humidity to creep into your propane refrigerator and ice up those fins in the back.  Place a light inside the fridge and shut off the lights.  If you see light coming out of the refrigerator somewhere you know you have an insufficient seal.  Heat up that area with a heat gun or hair dryer making the section pliable.  Next, shut the door for a few hours allowing the seal to form to the refrigerator box.  This usually creates a better seal and will help in the fight against moisture creeping in to your gas refrigerator.

Defrosting however has become easier and easier.  The EZ Freeze refrigerator has a defrost setting on the thermostat which allows for you to keep your food inside the fridge while you defrost.  The EZ Freeze refrigerator has easy drain pans in the back that allows the excess water to simply drain out the back into a holding pan that can be easily discarded when done.  EZ Freeze propane refrigerators have really made this process fast and efficient.