Propane Refrigerator Transporting and Storage

Gas Fridge can help you with your transporting and storage of your propane refrigerator.

Congratulations! Either you bought a new home, or you just purchased a brand new propane refrigerator. Your baby, whether it’s brand new, or you’re re-locating, transporting the unit is not as complicated as you might believe. The gas refrigerator or gas freezer is not the same as your ordinary GE (General Electric). Before you strap your beloved fridge to the dolly, Gas-Fridge would like to go over a few facts. Moving a gas – or propane refrigerator is not as complicated as you may think. Here are few simple rules to follow.

The gas refrigerator or gas freezer is not built with the same components as an electric refrigerator. It’s okay to tip, or lay the fridge on one side. Keeping it upright, no matter what, does not apply to the gas fridge. Transporting your propane refrigerator on its side has no long term affects to the operation, performance, or lifespan.  Laying the gas fridge on the back or even the front door is not out of the question but if you have a choice, however, we suggest the side to the left. Look to the left of the refrigerator, and lay it with the door’s opening toward the floor.

Here’s why: 1) With some brands, the solution within the sealed absorption system may get trapped in the wrong location. This limits or blocks the circulation of fluids during operation. A burping procedure must be used to free the “Lock” or “Blockage”. It’s a simple process: Burping Your Propane Refrigerator. There are some exceptions, and for some brands, laying the left side down keeps the fluid where it needs to be. When standing the fridge back upright again, a “Lock” or Blockage” is less likely. The EZ Freeze brand is not susceptible to this type of “Lock” or “Blockage”.  2) The side of the fridge is a flat surface and will hold up better during transportation and is less prone to damage compared to the front or back. We suggest extra padding to avoid damage to the thin sheet metal cabinet.

Prolong the life of your gas refrigerator by following these simple steps:

It’s okay to store a gas refrigerator while not in use with some basic care. Whether it’s long term, or short term storage, a gas fridge stored while not in use will not have a short or long term affect. 1) Remove any moisture from the interior to prevent mold buildup. 2) Put some charcoal inside the refrigerator, or freezer to help absorb moisture, and avoid odor. An old newspaper will work, too. Leaving the door open may work, but for safety reasons is not recommended. Small children or animals may find their way inside.

Storing your propane fridge in freezing climates will not harm the unit. Remember to remove canned drinks. They will explode and will damage the interior – even with the door closed.

Keep insects away! Spray an insect repellent around the burner box to deter insects such as spiders from nesting in the burner. An insect nest in the burner will cause performance issues and possibly a danger upon startup.

When it’s time to put your gas fridge back to use, check your flame condition immediately after startup. The flame should be a bright blue at the base and have a clear tip with no yellow or white color. This clear tip is usually at the very top of the flame located up inside the flue exhaust. Use a mirror at the floor facing upwards to inspect it. If a yellow or white tip is present, maintenance is required. 

Gas-Fridge would like to remind you to use caution, check your owners manual before moving your propane refrigerator, and avoid possible injury, or damage to the unit. If you have questions, call 928-636-6674