Regulating a Propane Refrigerators Temperature

Wireless Thermostat for propane refrigerators

Many consumers wonder how the temperature inside a propane refrigerator can be regulated.  Given the process of heating the cooling unit creating the cooling vapor inside the fridge how can the propane refrigerator temp be regulated?  There are a few different factors that affect the temperature of a gas refrigerator. 

The desired temperature of a propane refrigerator starts with the heating element at the bottom of the cooling unit.  The hotter the heating element the cooler the fridge will be.  The cooling process starts with the propane freezer at the top of the unit.  Regulating the temperature of the freezer is extremely difficult.  It generally sits at a certain temperature based on the desired temperature of the refrigerator compartment.   For instance, the freezer compartment of a propane refrigerator will generally range between -5 degrees to 10 degrees.  If your desired temperature of the refrigerator compartment is somewhere between 34 and 36 degrees you might see your freezer hovering between -5 to 0 degrees. 

If the propane refrigerators temperature sits between 38 and 40 degrees your freezer temperature may sit around 5 to 10 degrees.  However, the ambient temperature cannot be ignored.  Since most off-grid refrigerators require zero electricity regulating the temperature becomes a relative task.  It should be obvious that during the warm summer months the propane refrigerator is going to consume more propane.  The gas thermostat will regulate the size of the flame below the cooling unit based on the thermostat setting.  For instance, if the ambient temperature reads 90 degrees the element will consume more propane since the refrigerator compartment will require more cooling vapor to keep a desired refrigerated temperature.  And vice versa when the ambient temperature is cooler.  Consumers need to adjust their propane thermostat based on the ambient air temperature and their desired temperature inside their propane refrigerator. 

So, what are the keys to regulating a propane refrigerators temperature? Once a month get a temperature reading of the refrigerator compartment.  A wireless digital thermometer is a great way to follow this cycle.  These thermometers are battery operated which works well when running a propane refrigerator off-grid.  Adjusting the propane thermostat according to the digital thermometer and your temperature preference will help generally keep the propane fridge within a degree or two of your desired temperature. Another option which will work well for long term use is to calculate the temperature of the propane refrigerator at a certain thermostat setting at a particular time of year.  For instance, during the months of June, July, and August in order to keep your propane refrigerator at around 38 degrees your thermostat setting may need to be set to 4.  In contrast during the winter months in order to keep your refrigerator compartment at 38 degrees your thermostat setting may need to be adjusted to one. 

Calculating the correct thermostat setting based on desired refrigerator temperature and time of year will make it easier to adjust the thermostat to the correct location every time.  However, it is still recommended that in order to be completely accurate in regulating the propane refrigerators temperature, a digital thermometer is best to have implemented at all times.