Some of the differences between older and modern gas refrigerators

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Gas Fridge, your leading online retailer for off the LP gas refrigerators, is here to explain some of the changes that have been made from some of the first propane refrigerators. We’ve come a long way when it comes to gas cooling, and it will be very apparent after reading through this article. The most common type of old-school refrigerator was the SERVEL brand refrigerator, so all our comparisons will be made with that particular brand.

Efficiency – Old gas refrigerators used A LOT of propane – upwards of ¾ a gallon per day, whereas modern refrigerators use around a ¼ to ⅓ a gallon a day. This was due to the design of the absorption system not being as thermally efficient as it could be. Modern day systems are engineered to be incredibly efficient and can run for a long time while using minimal fuel. This change in fuel efficiency happened right around 1970, though improvements continue to happen over time.

Venting – The older SERVELs would have very large burners that were very inefficient with the way they burned their fuel. This would lead both to higher fuel usage and dangerous carbon monoxide (CO) buildup. Some of the worst offenders (pre 1950s) were measured to emit up to 1500 parts per million (PPM) of CO gas in very short amounts of time. In a 10 to 20-foot room, 300-400 PPM is considered dangerous and will begin to cause detrimental health effects. New fridges, however, are significantly more clean-burning due to their decreased fuel usage and increased airflow. Post 1980’s fridges, on average, will emit around 20-30 PPM, which is well below the recommended amount from appliances in a residential area. At this rate, no one should ever need to worry about CO poisoning with a modern-day propane refrigerator.

Legality – The inconvenience of having to vent an old SERVEL brand fridge could very well be enough of a reason alone to want to purchase a new EZ FREEZE refrigeration. And, if you live in Canada, it might not be a good idea to purchase a SERVEL that is pre- 1980, as it is completely illegal. In the United States, there is often a $100 disposal cost involved with these old machines too. While many people love these old fridges because they have lasted for 70+ years, they are a danger to yourself and others and should be dealt with by calling SERVAL action committee and 1-800-782-7431

If you have an old SERVEL brand gas fridge, it is time to think about getting a replacement. Modern fridges are more efficient, fast to cool your food, cheaper, lighter, and safer too. To learn more about gas refrigerators, or to shop for a new one. contact Gas-Fridge at 928-636-6674