The advantages of a propane or natural gas refrigerator

Gas Fridge discusses the advantages that a propane or natural gas refrigerator can bring

When it comes to common household appliances, we have many choices in today’s market.  Most of us chose an electric refrigerator because it is what we have always known, but maybe with ever increasing electric rates, it’s time to take a look at some other options. Even of you do not live off-grid, or in locations where power can be interrupted by weather events, Gas-Fridge would like to discuss with you another option like propane or natural gas refrigerators.

Gas refrigerators are an efficient way of cooling food when one is living off the grid. There are many advantages to propane or natural gas refrigerators:

There are no moving parts used to cool a gas refrigerator, this means that there are no parts to wear out, this adds to the reliability and length of service that you can have it making ice for your tea.

With the propane price at about $2.35 a gallon (maybe less where you live), a propane refrigerator will cost approx. $1.30 a day to operate. With this amount of propane gas usage, a person should be able to get 20 days of use with only a 20# propane cylinder. If you have natural gas supplied to the location, this cost is reduced considerably.

Both electric and 12VDC refrigerators run with Freon and an electric compressor/pump, these are all moving parts and as mentioned above, they can wear out. Electric inverters, generators, and the like to power the refrigerator can wear out and become unreliable.

With a gas refrigerator, when there is a natural disaster such as flooding or storms and the power system goes out, your refrigeration system still works. What better than having less stress knowing that during a disaster your food is safe until the event is over.

Unfortunately, most people think that using a gas refrigerator is only good for out of the way places. However, as we have shown you it may be a viable option for many households, especially if you prefer to be a bit more “prepared” in case of an emergency or want something that will last 50+ years! Want to explore the options a little more? Just contact Gas-Fridge today at 928-636-6674.