The Consul Danby Parts Issue

Many consumers wonder how the temperature inside a propane refrigerator can be rRecently I have found myself scrambling for parts for the Consul Danby propane refrigerator.  In recent years I have been able to service these propane refrigerators and get the parts out needed for Danby gas refrigerator owners. 

However as of last spring the parts have become scarcer.  Since Danby ceased production, the parts have also become harder and harder to find.Our conversations with consumers have turned from troubleshooting and part finding for the propane refrigerators to “is it time to cut your losses and buy a new one.” If you do find a part which will most likely be expensive what are the chances that down the road you need another part and that particular item is out of stock.  Then money has been wasted on the first propane refrigerator part you bought that was specifically made for the Danby fridge.   Consul Danby Thermostats, Thermocouples and other items specific to this propane refrigerator are incredibly hard to find and most likely are used parts anyway.  I have found myself stripping parts off of old Danby refrigerators to try and fill the demand of Consul Danby parts.  However, this is becoming increasingly difficult. 

My feeling on this subject is that unfortunately if you find your Danby not working properly it might be time for a new propane refrigerator.  The EZ-Freeze propane or natural gas refrigerator is in our opinion the longest lasting and highest quality gas refrigerator on the market.  The cooling unit on these propane refrigerators are standing the test of time.  This is why the 7-year warranty is extended.  Also, you can be sure this propane refrigerator will be around for a long, long time.  No more trying to find parts for a refrigerator that no longer exists