The Size of the Propane Refrigerator

Propane Refrigerator Cooling Unit

As we all know by now the propane refrigerator is a great way to overcome the issue of refrigeration in an off-grid home. The propane refrigerator is durable, clean, and more efficient then an electric refrigerator. They can last many, many years without ever failing. However, what about the overall size of the fridge? This seems to be a reoccurring issue for folks trying to design and build a standard size kitchen.

The gas refrigerator uses a cooling unit on the back of the refrigerator that is necessary, but large. Picture your standard 15 cubic foot refrigerator that you might find at a big box store and compare it to the 15 cubic foot propane refrigerator. The difference you ask…none, except a large cooling unit that now attaches to the back of the propane refrigerator. You can count on a propane cooling unit adding some depth to your gas refrigerator and so you must plan for that size increase when designing your kitchen.

Gas refrigerators do vary in cooling unit size, but a good general rule of thumb to follow is to add 6 inches in depth to your refrigerator when designing the kitchen. This should ensure the rest of the kitchen furnishings will fit nicely. Take time to think about your countertop height. Make sure you picture how your propane stove is going to look if next to the propane refrigerator. Are you building an island? Make sure your walk way room takes into account the 6-inch depth rule on your refrigerator. If you keep to this standard rule of thumb your propane refrigerator will fit nicely inside your kitchen allowing everything else to flow beautifully as well.