Tips on how to set up your new Gas Refrigerator

Tips for setting up a gas refrigerator, propane refrigerator

Congratulations on your new gas refrigerator!  Now is it time to set it up correctly.  Gas-Fridge is here to help and has some tips for you to follow.

1.    Gas pressure must set correctly – Too high or too low of gas pressure may lead to poor performance or permanent damage to your gas refrigerator.

2.    Make sure the gas fridge is level – This is for both directions since the absorption system works from gravity, it is vital to the proper flow rate that the unit is level.

3.    Proper ventilation on all sides –  Minimum ventilation space around the gas fridge is usually 2″ on the left and right sides, and 8″ above with 2″ at rear.

4.    Test for leaks – Use a solution of soapy water and brush around all gas connections before lighting the gas refrigerator.

5.    Turn on unit.

6.    Let refrigerator chill down – You will want to wait approximately 12 hours before loading it with food.

7.    Start with small portions – Load warm or room temperature foods in smaller portions a couple hours apart initially.

8.    Let the unit stabilize –  Wait a few days before making adjustments to the thermostat.

9.    Don’t overload –  Try not to put too much room temperature liquids such as large jugs of water.

10.    Load the freezer with ice trays or objects to be frozen prior to bed time – This way the unit will have all night to recover. We recommend using aluminum ice cube trays due to their ability to make ice much faster than their plastic counterparts.

We hope you found our installation tips helpful.  Gas-Fridge is here to help. You can always call with questions at 928-636-6674.  Let Gas-Fridge assist you with all of your off grid refrigeration needs.