What is an Absorption Refrigerator?

Gas Fridge explains how absorption refrigerators work

What exactly is an Absorption Refrigerator? In an Absorption Refrigerator, the unit refrigerates itself by moving the hot air inside to the outside of the fridge. This process uses a sealed system containing a solution mixture of ammonia, water, sodium chromate, and hydrogen that is boiled by heat. The ammonia in the system is the main driving component, causing the change from liquid to gas, and back again. This pure ammonia liquid conducts heat away from the unity using aluminum plates on the back of the fridge. This system uses no moving parts at all and is accomplished using a combination of thermodynamics and the physical properties of gases.

The system is very specific in design, meaning a slight change in piping angle can lower performance and efficiency. A small solution ingredient difference will also change the gas refrigerator performance, as well as any weak welds will shorten the fridge’s life. Strict quality control is vital toward good production results.

That’s why, at Gas-Fridge we rate the EZ Freeze quality control as the best in the industry. EZ Freeze is the only company that produces the entire product in-house, from start to finish. EZ Freeze spends over half their time in quality control checks to make sure their product is the best it can be. And, the EZ Freeze absorption units are interchangeable at any time with a new unit, meaning that repairs are easy and cheap. When we asked about why EZ Freeze has such strict quality control measures, we weren’t surprised with the answer: “We realize that most of our fridges are used in remote areas. Hard to get to and from areas. It puts a great hardship on the consumer if there is a failure and we just don’t want to see that happen.”

As you can tell, we choose EZ Freeze for a reason. Their attention to quality is unmatchable and their products are easily repairable when something does go wrong. So, when you begin to look for a new Absorption Refrigerator, make sure that you call Gas-Fridge at 928-636-6674.