Why You Need a Propane Refrigerator

You need a propane refrigerator from gas fridge.

Gas-Fridge is the leader in propane refrigerators and your expert in knowing which unit best suits the purpose. Gas-Fridge will help you select a propane refrigerator that is perfect for remote cabins, vacation homes, hunting camps, or RV. They come in sizes ranging from 10 cubic feet up to 21 cubic feet.

Here are more reasons to own a gas fridge.

You live off the grid. You don’t like the noise an electric refrigerator makes. You have considered the efficiency of a gas fridge. Your home is subject to natural disasters and power outages.
One of the most basic necessities in life is food. The need for food storage is practical, and how food is stored has an affect on your health and the length of your life. Cold food storage when done properly is important for healthy living. Consider all these reasons and you will see why a gas fridge is right for you.
All refrigerators must run from an energy source. One of the gas fridge advantages is how easy it is to store propane and unlike electricity, it can be transported. While most homeowners run the risk of losing electricity during a thunderstorm, the propane refrigerator will continue running, keeping your perishables fresh.
One power outage of more than two days can completely decimate your food supply in your electric fridge. With the cost of food within the fridge being upwards of $500.00, it pays to have a gas fridge as a back up unit.
The myth that a gas refrigerator does not cool as well as an electric is not true. Not only will they run colder than an electric unit, the absorption unit has far fewer parts than an electric compressor system. Fewer parts mean less chance of a failure. Other than the thermostat, here are virtually no moving parts within the propane gas refrigeration system.

If you have chosen to live off the grid, there is not much of an alternative. Many will find that purchasing ice for coolers will become inconvenient and not cost effective. DC refrigerator solar powered units are an alternative if the area has enough sun light per day and the solar system is large enough to handle the enormous load. Questions? Give us a call at 928-636-1956 today.