Why you should consider a gas refrigerator… even if you don’t live off-the-grid

Gas Fridge explains why you should consider a gas refrigerator even if you don't live off-the-grid

When living where electricity is expensive or unavailable, a propane refrigerator is a great choice for keeping your food fresh and cold. It requires minimal upkeep and costs less to keep running well. Gas Fridge, a major online retailer of propane and LP gas refrigerators and freezers, would like to give you some reasons to consider a gas refrigerator for your off-the-grid home.

Gas Fridge explains why you should consider a gas refrigerator even if you don’t live off-the-grid. With most area’s propane costs hitting right around $2 per gallon, a refrigerator will cost around $0.75 a day to run, with that price dropping even more in colder climates. With a standard #20 propane tank, you’re looking at around 20 days of use. That sure beats lugging around a huge cooler and ice pack, both in cooling performance and in ease of use. Plus, trucking in propane is a lot easier and cheaper than paying for a dedicated electrical line or using batteries.

The initial cost of purchasing a propane or LP gas fridge is quite a bit higher than an electric equivalent, but comparing the two isn’t exactly fair. An electric fridge runs on Freon and a compressor pump, whereas a propane fridge is powered using a heated gas mixture that circulates and cools. No electric lines power the fridge whatsoever. Comparing these two would be like comparing solar power and wind power – they both meet the same ends, but do it in completely different ways.

Most people may think that using a gas fridge is just for places that don’t get electricity, but that isn’t the case. Living in town doesn’t mean that a gas refrigerator doesn’t still have its benefits. We still would argue that a gas fridge is more cost effective over the course of 20 years than a traditional electric fridge, simply because you’ll be hard pressed to find a fridge that will work flawlessly for 20 years for less than a propane fridge. Propane refrigerators use no moving parts, meaning that there is very little to actually wear out. No compressor unit to go bad, no batteries to change, etc. Plus, the electricity might end up costing more in the long run as well.

As you can tell, there are a lot of good reasons to use a propane powered refrigerator. They’re cheaper, last longer, and cool better. If it sounds like you could use a propane refrigerator or would like more information, you can call Gas Fridge at 928-636-6674.