Maintaining your gas fridge or gas freezer

A gas fridge or freezer is a wonderful thing! For those people in remote locations without power, and areas prone to extended or unpredictable power outages, a gas fridge or freezer can be a life saver. Keeping food fresh or frozen makes life in remote locations easier and, during the winter months, the only real … Read more

Regulating a Propane Refrigerators Temperature

Many consumers wonder how the temperature inside a propane refrigerator can be regulated.  Given the process of heating the cooling unit creating the cooling vapor inside the fridge how can the propane refrigerator temp be regulated?  There are a few different factors that affect the temperature of a gas refrigerator.  The desired temperature of a propane … Read more

Some of the differences between older and modern gas refrigerators

Gas Fridge, your leading online retailer for off the LP gas refrigerators, is here to explain some of the changes that have been made from some of the first propane refrigerators. We’ve come a long way when it comes to gas cooling, and it will be very apparent after reading through this article. The most … Read more

Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Propane Appliances

Gas-Fridge suggests spring cleaning tips for your propane appliancesMost homeowners have their furnace and air conditioner systems checked in the spring and fall to make sure they are operating properly and efficiently. Your propane appliances also should be checked on a regular basis to ensure that they continue to operate at maximum efficiency. Gas-Fridge would … Read more

The Consul Danby Parts Issue

Many consumers wonder how the temperature inside a propane refrigerator can be rRecently I have found myself scrambling for parts for the Consul Danby propane refrigerator.  In recent years I have been able to service these propane refrigerators and get the parts out needed for Danby gas refrigerator owners.  However as of last spring the … Read more

The difference between natural gas and propane refrigerators

When talking about a “gas” gas refrigerator, it is very important to know the difference between natural gas and propane gas because they are very different. Gas-Fridge knows that it is important for the consumer to be informed so that they do not make the wrong choice for their application. Natural gas  – It’s just what … Read more

The Size of the Propane Refrigerator

As we all know by now the propane refrigerator is a great way to overcome the issue of refrigeration in an off-grid home. The propane refrigerator is durable, clean, and more efficient then an electric refrigerator. They can last many, many years without ever failing. However, what about the overall size of the fridge? This … Read more

Tips on How to Choose Off Grid Refrigerators & Freezers

Propane refrigerators are perfect for off grid living in vacation homes or hunting camps or your everyday home. They are small enough for remote cabins yet large enough for an entire ranch family. Other uses include natural disaster preparedness such as hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, or storms that create power outages. Propane Refrigerators do not have … Read more

Why Doesn’t That Refrigerator in Your Garage Work in Winter?

All summer long you’ve used that old refrigerator in your garage to store cold drinks and ice cream treats. Then the weather outside falls into the 20’s and now the “garage fridge” just doesn’t seem to be getting cold enough. Gas-Fridge would like to explain what’s happening. Believe it or not, refrigerators actually work better … Read more