Comparing Propane Refrigerators of Today and Yesterday

When compared to the SERVEL built in the 1930’s -1950’s which lasted for generations, the refrigeration units of today have become more streamlined with less heavy-duty materials for lighter weight and still have quality performance. Gas-Fridge, retailer of quality propane refrigerators, says an average propane gas refrigerator today will last approximately 15 yrs. By that … Read more

Defrosting your gas refrigerator

What’s for dinner? A common question that leads many people looking into the freezer, chipping away at frozen shelves of food, and trying to find something before frostbite sets in causing them to abandon their quest. Gas Fridge would like to discuss with you about defrosting your natural gas or propane refrigerator. All gas refrigerators … Read more

Gas Fridge Don’ts

Gas Fridge brings you a list of things to keep in mind with your gas fridge, things not to do or gas fridge don’ts. It is good to educate yourself on the don’ts of a gas fridge, so here they are. DON’T install a gas appliance of any kind in an air-tight area or a … Read more

Gas refrigerators are a great option for almost any home

Whether you are from the snowy mountains of the Yukon or the deserts of Arizona, or a place with expensive electricity costs, refrigeration is a necessary but potentially difficult (and costly) task. You need to keep your food cold, but generators and solar panels can cost thousands of Gas Refrigerators are a great option for … Read more

How a Gas Refrigerator Can Save You Money

Although the initial cost to purchase a propane gas refrigerator is a bit higher than an electric refrigerator, the long term costs should be considered, since there are a number of cost factors. Gas-Fridge would like to share some of the money-saving features of a gas refrigerator. First, comparing an electric refrigerator with a propane … Read more

How ‘green’ is propane?

If you are looking for a fuel that will provide not only immediate heat, but also steady, clean, efficient heat at an affordable price, look no further than propane. It is considered a “green” energy source, and propane can help homeowners cut emissions and protect the environment, all while enjoying a substantial savings over other … Read more

How to keep your RV refrigerator running great

RV fridges can be great or a pain in the RV. You will find that RVers either hate them or love them or somewhere in between. Gas Fridge wants to help you get the most out of your RV Refrigerator and keep it running great over the lifetime of the fridge. The reason RV refrigerators … Read more

How to Prepare for a Power Outage

Experiencing a power outage is not normally on the forefront of our minds, but it’s necessary to be prepared for the unexpected. Gas Fridge offers these ways to protect your home and family in the event of a power outage. Your emergency plan should include a list of important phone numbers and a first-aid kit. … Read more

Is Defrosting My Propane Refrigerator Normal?

Defrosting a propane refrigerator is a necessary task but generally is quick and easy and only has to be done a few times a year.  The amount of defrosting your propane refrigerator is going to require depends on a hand full of factors.  First and foremost, climates play a huge factor.  In a more humid climate with … Read more