I Found Bad Advice on the Internet About Gas Refrigerators… Help!

The founders and employees of Dynamx, Inc. have all enjoyed the off-grid lifestyle for over 25 years. Gas-Fridge understands the systems and usage of the propane appliances they sell, and they understand propane appliances. They have also been using propane refrigerators for over 25 years. They believe in what we sell and our staff has … Read more

Propane appliances for those living off-grid

“Propane appliances are for off-grid living,” says Gas-Fridge. Many dream of living off grid. No more connection to the big power companies. Control your energy use as you see fit. No more unexpected power outages. Being self-sufficient and green. Gas-Fridge discusses how switching to propane appliances can help to achieve this dream. Cooking – while it … Read more

Propane Refrigerator Transporting and Storage

Congratulations! Either you bought a new home, or you just purchased a brand new propane refrigerator. Your baby, whether it’s brand new, or you’re re-locating, transporting the unit is not as complicated as you might believe. The gas refrigerator or gas freezer is not the same as your ordinary GE (General Electric). Before you strap … Read more

Propane refrigerators. Non-Electric. Gas Only!

EZ Freeze gas refrigerators are completely non-electric in operation and use either propane gas or natural gas to freeze and refrigerate foods. That statement is not exactly true, since the LED interior light does use 4 “D” cell type batteries for operation. But the important part does not require electricity or any power source other … Read more

Repairing Propane Gas Refrigerators

A propane refrigerator can have the same issues as a conventional refrigerator. It can have continuous problems after some age has set in. You may think that there isn’t any service after the sale when you purchased your propane refrigerator. Did you know that Gas-Fridge has solutions to all of your problems? We offer: •    In shop … Read more

Services and Repairs To RV Refrigerators

A non-functioning refrigerator in a recreational vehicle can be problematic. When the refrigerator is down, the RV becomes useless by limiting the ability to travel away from civilization and be self reliant. There are many engine mechanics that can get you and your RV back on the road. There aren’t many RV Refrigerator Repairers that … Read more

The advantages of a propane or natural gas refrigerator

When it comes to common household appliances, we have many choices in today’s market.  Most of us chose an electric refrigerator because it is what we have always known, but maybe with ever increasing electric rates, it’s time to take a look at some other options. Even of you do not live off-grid, or in … Read more

The benefits of using a Propane Refrigerator

So you’re thinking of buying that dream property that has acres and acres of space for you to play on.  No neighbors, noise or traffic to worry about.  You can build your dream home exactly the way you’ve always wanted. There is only one problem.  Because your property is so far out and away from … Read more

The largest and best selection of propane refrigerators in the USA!

Buying or finding professional service on your propane appliances is easy when you know who to call. Gas-Fridge and Dynamx has the largest propane refrigeration selection in the United States. Welcome to the most comprehensive place to find natural gas or propane refrigerators and freezers. Not only do we sell and service these gas appliances … Read more

The Natural Gas Refrigerator

Do you have a natural gas well on your property? Is electricity overly expensive? Are you tired of the annoying noise the compressor and fan on your electric refrigerator produces? Are you EMF intolerant? If you answer yes to any of these questions, then a natural gas refrigerator may be just the thing you need.  … Read more